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Current Students

MS in Business Analytics Class of 2019

Jiayu Hu

Jiayu (Winnie) Hu

“I enjoy the variety of club activities and extracurricular events. Besides regular course work, Simon encourages its students to join professional clubs, such as Consulting Club and Simon Finance & Investment Club, to have hands-on experience. At the same time, clubs such as Simon VISION Consulting allow students to connect with companies outside Simon and practice what they learn in the classroom in real life.”

Ruoxi Liu

Ruoxi Liu

“As I learned more about Simon, I found this program particularly well-suited to my career pursuits due to its heavy emphasis on application. Simon is also committed to creating an inclusive community that helps its students succeed.”

Charlie Braunlich

Charlie Braunlich

“Simon allows students to learn alongside classmates from around the world. Its deep and loyal alumni base provides global opportunities with top-notch companies.”

Tim Lehner

Tim Lehner

“I chose Simon mainly for its analytic-based curriculum. I am eager to learn more about machine learning algorithms: how they work and how to apply them in a business situation. In addition, the active student life at Simon provides a very welcome counterbalance to the challenging coursework.”

Tuba Dar

Tuba Dar

“From the start of my graduate application process, Simon Business School stood out to me because everyone was so helpful—from the admissions team to current students. After visiting the campus for Scholarship Weekend and UR Simon Weekend, I saw how close-knit the Simon community was and how invested the faculty and staff were in their students’ success. That was what made me want to become a part of the Simon community: I knew I would be supported, and with that support I would be able to achieve my goals.”



MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2018

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Billy Dickinson

Strategic Modeling and Statistical Analyst

“My favorite part of my experience at Simon so far has been learning every day in the classroom and from other students. Not only have I gained knowledge and confidence in analytics from professors, but I have been able to learn from different perspectives of students from around the world.”

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Guillaume Marois

Platform Analyst

“After my undergraduate degree I wanted to become more proficient in coding to make myself more valuable to future employer. Simon's Business Analytics program caught my eye right away because of its focus on technical skills and because it familiarizes students with two types of programming software: R and Python. When you add the excellent reputation of the School and the people working there, Simon Business School was the most logical choice for me.”

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Morgan Weeks

Solutions Analyst

“Throughout the application process, I was given ample support and information tailored to my specific program and career goals. Simon cares about the individuals in is program, demonstrated by the incredible Career Management Center and the organizations on campus that work to make the program ever better.”


MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2017

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Tushar Mathur

Strategic Analytics Analyst

“Simon’s MSBA program is a good balance between the business skills and the technical skills. You will learn all the programming and the statistical concepts while always keeping the business problem in mind.”

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Aditya Tripathi

Business Intelligence Engineer
Amazon Web Services

“In my internship [at Amazon] we proposed solutions to managers and had regular team meetings. Simon’s management communication classes enhanced my communication skills and gave me the confidence to present my findings to the group.”

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Zimei Xu

Data Analyst - Operations & Workforce Analytics
Excellus BCBS

“The R programming I learned at Simon was important for the data test portion of my interview at Excellus. The visualization skills I learned here helped me deliver my presentation – they were very impressed with what I’ve done. I think Simon really helps students shape their skills as they are looking for a job.”

Chea_Jorge_Molina_FT MS Business Analytics 17_158x190

Jorge Molina Chea

Data Scientist
JC Jones & Associates

“I chose Simon because of the credibility it has academically. The classes are not too big so it has some room for interaction with the professors and you really get to know your teammates.”

velagaleti_karishma_ftms business analytics_17_158x190

Karishma Velagaleti

Data Analyst, Digital Intelligence
FedEx Services

“One of the nicest things about Simon is not only are you interested in the School, the School is equally interested in you. Which is why I felt that Simon was the right place for me to go.”


MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2016


Adja Gbane

Senior Analyst Revenue Management

"While in the process of reviewing my school choices, I visited Simon Business School for Scholarship weekend. I was already impressed by the program curriculum, but interacting with current students and faculty cemented my conviction that the MSBA program at Simon would not only equip me with the analytical and quantitative skills required in today’s competitive business world, but also help in my personal development."


Patrick Reilly

Senior Data and Analytics Consultant

"I chose Simon not only because it ranks third in the world for business analytics, but also because of the environment that the staff, faculty, and students provide. Everyone at Simon cares about your education and will do everything in their power to ensure a prolific academic experience."


Mohammed Osman Saeed

Business Analyst
ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute)

"I will always cherish the experience of studying with a group of exceptionally smart and hardworking individuals. The school has an incredibly diverse student body and I was fortunate to interact with and make friends with an amazing bunch of people during the course of my studies."

Aanchal Shah, MS Business Analytics, Class of 2016

Aanchal Shah

Senior Data Analyst - Advanced Analytics & Tool Development

"Simon has one of the most comprehensive program in the field of Business Analytics. The core business courses, the hands-on approach, blend of economics-analytics and the opportunity to participate in the industry related practicum certainly helped me in realizing my optimum potential. Simon truly stands for cultural diversity and encourages team work but at the same time brings out your true individuality. I would certainly recommend the Business Analytics program at Simon to those seeking a course that would act as a springboard in fulfilling ones career aspirations."


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