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Pricing is emerging as an in-demand specialty within the marketing mix. Most positions within this function have a balanced blend of strategic and tactical pricing responsibilities. Strategic pricing is a long-term competitive model, while tactical pricing focuses on boosting sales revenue through temporary deals and promotions. Simon Business School has the distinction of being the first institution to offer a comprehensive Pricing Track within the MBA program.

Employment Outlook and Career Opportunities

The pricing function can reside within the marketing or finance branches and, in some cases, be a standalone department that works closely with the sales team. Opportunities exist within service- and product-based organizations in business-to-business (B2B) as well as business-to-consumer (B2C) sectors. Pricing specialists may also be found in consulting firms or as independent advisors to multiple businesses.

Since Simon is one of a few business schools in the country with a pricing track, our graduates enjoy strong employment prospects, as corporate recruiters seek to meet key demand. The pricing profession has a tight-knit community; networking is essential to gaining access to employment opportunities.

Job Titles

Sample titles for pricing functions include:

  • Pricing Analyst
  • Pricing Manager
  • Strategic Pricing Analyst
  • Pricing Associate
  • Pricing Consultant

In-Demand Skills and Character Traits

Recruiters often look for pricing candidates who are intellectual and analytical—driven by facts and data. Strong modeling skills are highly sought-after and client-facing roles demand excellent presentation skills. Diverse experience and a solid knowledgebase of pricing fundamentals are essential.

Pricing Career Preparation at Simon
Academic Path

The Pricing Track within the marketing concentration offers the best preparation for MBA students looking to enter this fast-paced field.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

The Simon Pricing Club helps students align their skills with the needs of the industry. This active organization hosts a number of events including lunch-and-learns, case competitions, corporate trips, and educational series with employer participation. Students have the opportunity to develop pricing skill sets outside of the classroom environment, as well as form a strong industry network. The Simon Marketing Association (SMA) is another organization focused on building professional skill sets. Since pricing and marketing functions are closely related, dual membership may be beneficial.  


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