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Dean's Office

Dean Andrew Ainslie
Executive Assistant to the Dean Teri Sciarabba
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research Ronald Goettler
Associate Dean of the Full-Time Programs Greg Bauer
Assistant Dean of Administration Jim Newton

Academic and Financial Operations

Director of Academic Personnel Kari Zollweg
Director of Operations AJ Warner
Assistant Director of Academic Operations Stacy Celata  
Academic Operations & Personnel Administrative Assistant Victoria Waldron
Manager of Faculty Systems & Support Kelly Bruno  
Operations Assistant Leanne Averill
Executive Director of Finance and Rankings Brian Donovan
Staff Accountant Joseph Kreel
Simon Technology Services  
Executive Director of Simon Technology Services Steven Clary
Development Operations Peter Fosler
Technical Support Team  
   Assistant Director Jake King
   Applications Development Harrison Dean
   Videography/Recording Specialist John Ebert
   AV/Desktop Support Terry Niver
Marketing and Communications  
Director of Strategic Marketing Yael Schneiderman
Director of Web Presence Denton Brown
Art Director/Graphic Designer Tanya Harding
Administrative Assistant Kerry Coniglio

Admissions Office

Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Rebekah Lewin
Executive Assistant to Rebekah Lewin and Office Manager Sindy Cantor
Director of Admissions and Enrollment Stefanie Attridge
Assistant Director of Admissions Marketing Heather Cobbett
Senior Associate Director of Admissions Andrew Brayda
Senior Associate Director of Admissions Julie Sadwick
Associate Director of Admissions Jennifer Crandall
Assistant Director of Admissions Maureen Plavnicky
Assistant Director of Admissions Nicole Krestos Guzski
Director of Admissions Operations Krista Darling
Associate Director of Admissions Operations and Financial Aid Jason Buitrago
Assistant Director of Admissions Trista Wesley
Events Manager Kait Cirillo
Admissions Appointment Manager Carrie Bishop
Senior Information Analyst Roxana Ramirez
Information Analyst Erin O'Rourke
Admissions Receptionist Lori Trudeau
Guest Relations Manager Kirsten Luedke
Assistant Director of Operations Vinny Costantino


Registrar Vicki Aspridy
Senior Assistant Registrar Amy McNiven
Assistant Registrar Andrew Smagin
Assistant Registrar Robin Cooley

Career Management Center

Executive Director, Career Management Wendy Clay
Executive Assistant, Career Management Rekeeta Goodfriend
MBA Career Management  
Director, Consulting Andy Tempest  
Director, Finance/Accounting (Remote-NYC) Ashish Kohli
Director, Finance/Accounting Corrie Marine
Director, Marketing/Pricing Steven Simpson
MS/Working Professionals Career Management  
Assistant Director, MS Accounting Heidi Ames
Assistant Director, MS Finance Helen Wang
Assistant Director, MS Marketing/Business Analytics Libby Bakken
Corporate Engagement  
Director, Corporate Engagement (Remote-NYC) Peter Handley
Senior Assistant Director Karen Kingsbury
Corporate Engagement Special Advisor (Remote-LA-P/T) Mark Sullivan
Recruiting & Events Manager Ariel Ruggeri  
Professional Development  
Director of Professional Development Kelly Umanksy
Assitant Director of Professional Development Jillian Duggan
Working Professionals/Alumni (P/T) Hannah Morgan  
Shared Services  
Technology/Data Manager Tyler Calhoun  
Office Manager Janelle Kohlman  


Executive Director of Simon Advancement James Newton
Senior Director of Donor Engagement Kate Cutaia
Assistant Director of Advancement Adam Gasiewicz
Administrative Assistant Ashley Beyer
Program Assistant Rinat Gofman  

Office of Student Engagement

Assistant Dean of Students Carin Cole
Office Administrator Doris Griffin
Executive and Professional Programs  
Executive Director, EMBA and Part-Time Molly Mesko
Senior Associate Director, EMBA and NYC Karen Steiner
Associate Director, EMBA Lee Shannon
Associate Director, Part-Time Programs Janet Mejias
Associate Director, Part-Time Programs Shawn Denman  
Director of Events Management Josh Jacobs
Experiential Learning  
Director of Experiential Learning Wayne France  
Assistant Director, Experiential Learning Irina Ovcharov
Advising and Student Life  
Director of Student Life Nathan Kadar
Director of Student Life Megan Litvinenko
Assistant Director of Student Life Noelle Miller  
Director of MS Advising Karen Platt
Associate Director of MBA Advising Jon Ramsey
Associate Director of MBA Advising Brad Rosenbaum
Associate Director of MS Advising Dan Compo
Associate Director of MS Advising Stella Lee
Program Assistant Patty DeCillis

PhD Program 

Chairman Mitch Lovett
Director Sue Harris
Program Assistant Leanne Averill

Barry Florescue Undergraduate Business Program

Faculty Director Rick Cardot
Assistant Director Hillary Tatar
Program Manager Lena Cardone


Journal of Accounting and Economics (JAE)  
Editor Joanna Wu
Journal of Financial Economics (JFE)  
Managing Editor G. William Schwert
Editorial Administrative Assistant Kathleen Madsen
Journal of Monetary Economics (JME)  
CNRC Advisory Board Ron Goettler
Editorial Administrative Assistant Susan North
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