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Heidi Ames

Heidi Ames

MS Career Consultant - Accountancy

Heidi has been with the CMC for more than 4 years.  She leads career programming and conducts training for MS Accounting students, and students in other functions. She mentors them to effectively build their career skills for the U.S. markets. Heidi helps create and oversee the internship and full time hiring opportunities with targeted employers of students’ choices. She utilizes her years of consulting experience, extensive network, and expertise to bring win/win solutions to both students and employers.

Heidi is passionate about assisting the students to achieve their career goals. She has a Bachelor's in Literature from the Sichuan Normal University, China and recently completed her Master’s in Higher Education Administration, Student Affairs at Warner School of Education, University of Rochester. As the founder and President of Myland USA LLC, Heidi successfully created a trusted name brand in international business consulting and led the firm in a dynamic and continually evolving business environment.

Heidi spearheaded import, export, R&D, supply chain development and management of hundreds of products, resolved quality and payment disputes, recruited executives, validation of market researched by industry, and provided cultural training for over 1,200 business executives on local, state, national and international levels. The best way to schedule an appointment with Heidi is through SimonWorks.


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